jamie = love

If good things come to those who wait....then my wait is over---well, in terms of food, at least.

Jamie Oliver's brilliantly designed goods are available at Williams Sonoma.

The Jme Pantry Collection is gorgeous to look at....Seriously--This man knows good packaging.

I love reading his magazine and for the past year and a half I've been patiently waiting for his foods to arrive stateside.

So RUN to your local WS!.....And don't forget to proudly display his beautiful jars after you're done eating & drinking the good stuff!

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  1. So I have this kind of silly tradition ... on the first Fri. of the Fall semester, I always go to Eastview mall after work. Don't ask me why. It seems like a nice little reward for getting through those first days of class. I usually have something on my list and this time it is definitely going to be these Jamie Oliver items. This guys is a genius.

    Great post!