Our turn...the first day back

KJ 'enjoyed' the return of students on Monday and today begins the first day of classes at the U. of Rochester. It's a scorcher up here so the students are taking advantage of these gorgeous summer days and spending time outside. The library seems anti-climatically (word? Not sure :) quiet. But man is there a lot do to. Hiring new students and training them is both a joy and chore. Love the new blood and upbeat enthusiasm in the department ... that jolt of energy that new students bring. But the training...ugh. Such a pain. Luckily these kids are smart...really smart...so my job is pretty easy.

Anyway, happy beginning of the academic year to all who are beginning an academic year (teachers, students...you know I love you)!

*Fabulous photo titled 'She Reads' by buckscountyframes.

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