'Signe Chanel'

I know I am late to the game on this but if you have the Sundance channel, I am begging you to DVR the show Signe Chanel. It is a series which documents the blood, sweat and tears (literally) leading up to the debut of the 2004-05 Fall/Winter collection of the House of Chanel. If you ever wondered why a Chanel suits costs $30K, this show will easily answer your questions. The series focuses particularly on the seamstresses et all who make the drawings and ideas of the genius Karl Lagerfeld come to life. All I wanted to do after viewing the series was get a job sewing, at the House of Chanel. Amazing.

My favorite character in the pot might be the incredible and uncompromising Madame Pouzieux. The 75 year-old farmer my trade, she is also responsible for providing all the detailed braiding to the trademark Chanel suit. Her technique and craftsmanship alone will blow you away.

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