Paris Breakfast

Now this is an artist after my own heart. I am not sure I enjoy anything in life more than breakfast in Paris. I'm not exactly sure what it is. Maybe it's the sheer fact that you are in Paris (such a pinch-yourself, 'I can't believe I'm actually here' city), or maybe it's because the coffee is always perfect and whatever you choose (I love a chocolate croissant in the morning) will taste like the most delicious thing your ever eaten in your life ... who knows really. What I do know is that artist Carol Gillott (of Paris Breakfast) has so captured all that's wonderful about breakfasting in Paris in her gorgeous watercolors.

Many thanks to Twig & Thistle (what a gorgeous, blog by the way) and the always wonderful Black*Eiffel

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  1. What beautiful watercolors, the one on top is amazing! This fall I just can't get Paris out of my head, I want to go so bad.