Eggplant...for your nails

Everyone sick of me waxing poetic about the color of deep purple (or 'eggplant' as I affectionately call it)? Well, too bad...I adore it in all it's forms and in anyway I can wear it. Just when you thought I might drop the subject, I hear it's all the rage in nail lacquer this fall..and there are some lovely variations out there. Check out this one from Butter called 'Marrow'. Gorgeous!


  1. i am definitely getting some polish this weekend! chanel here i come!

  2. You're killing me with this, I just bought some new nail polish but I must have this eggplant inspired nail polish, so pretty!! I don't know Butter, but I love the name and the packaging!!I just started to paint my nails and toe nails, I can't believe what I've been missing out on all my sandals look so much better and my feet way less hideous!!:)

  3. Chanel has an awesome shade of deep purple KJ! And Laura...so funny! I am so glad you have rediscovered nail polish. Isn't it the best. I absolutely refuse to wear any sort of open-toe shoe unless my toe nails are done!