Great product...great package!

Wow!! Look what you get when you order a bike tool roll from Soulrun!! I stumbled across this picture on Facebook from one of their many satisfied customers. You know, I've been lucky enough to have been receiving packages (of all sorts...birthday, Christmas, spring-time, Halloween etc., etc.) from Laura my whole life. Now, anyone who orders an awesomely, well-crafted tool roll (and more!) from Soulrun has this to look forward too. Tell me if this isn't the most fun looking package ever!


  1. Aww thanks Kate!! I'm so psyched you were able to see this photo, I have to say I was really inspired by the Kate Spade packaging. Did you happen to read some of the nice comments he left too? Such a nice dude.:)

  2. I wish I could have commented on the photo that I saw on Facebook but I am not 'friend' with the fellow who posted. Of course I read his comments...he's awesome! And so is this package. Like he said, it would just make my day!!

    I love that you were inspired by Kate Spade. Who isn't right?