Farewell to a friend

You all know Wallace...I've done many posts (especially recently) about this special guy. He was my good friend's best buddy and a frequent visitor at my home. He made me smile, when I didn't think I could and I consider him part of the therapy that has helped me back to health over the last few years.

Wallace passed away suddenly this past weekend and I am writing, a little shocked and teary-eyed. But I do know that the last 3 years of Wallace's life have been pretty wonderful. His 'dad' and best friend, was devoted to him and he had loads of friends and 'baby-sitters' who doted on his every grunt, snore and drool. He was one-of-a-kind and I miss him already.


  1. I loved him, zeus and I miss him already.

  2. He was just the best...I will always remember the dog trifecta...Zeus, Mutombo and Wallace. Friends always.

  3. Oh goodness..I'm so so sorry....I love this photo. Ahhh...he was a super cutie.