'Even Steven' - The genius of Seinfeld strikes again

I promise this will be the last story I tell about the Kate Spade pen but just can't resist a Seinfeld moment. Everyone out there remember "The Opposite" episode? You know, the one where George (prodded by Jerry) decides that his judgment has been so bad his whole life that he will conduct an experiment, where he will do the exact opposite of what his instincts tell him to do. Well, in that gem of an episode (on my top 5 list, for sure), Kramer refers to Jerry as 'Even Steven'...because his good luck/bad luck always seem to even out his fortune. I always thought this concept was pretty brilliant because Kramer is right...life does kind of work out that way. And then it played out in the most tangible and obvious way this week...here's the scoop.

On Sunday evening, I discoverd my absolute favorite pen was missing. It was a pretty little pen I got in the Agatha jewelry shop in the Louvre in Paris when I purchased a cool barette with their famous scottie dog symbol (I could not not find an image of the pen...so any excuse to post a pic of my favorite scottie, Sadie :) When I didn't see it in the pencil cup on my desk, I almost immediately knew what happened. Chris. There is no way he would or could have known how much I loved that pen. When I asked him about it, it turned out I was right. He hastily grabbed it during the week to take to a film shoot he's been working on. And with that, it was gone. I was sad...but it's a pen for crips sake. So, I decided to put it out of my mind.

Yesterday, as I was gleefully recounting the tale of my pen necklace to Chris (who hilariously even remembered how much I loved it...and believe me...that fact, in and of itself, is amazing), I remembered the pen I had lost earlier in the week...and thought of 'Even Steven'...and of course I had to laugh. I lost a favorite pen...but gained one in the process. Seinfeld genius...always...and where you least expect it.

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