The controversy over...macarons :)

I don't think I would be exaggerating if I said that, with the possible exception of cupcakes, macarons are the food item most oft mentioned on this blog. That said, I finally had a chance to read this article someone sent a me a while back on the...ahem...bastardization (for lack of a better word) of these picture perfect bits of magnificence. What do you think? While I would personally love to see them in vending machines, I see where the concern is coming from.

(Lovely picture of the macaron case in Le Bon Marche by Laura!)


  1. oh god....NO!!!! macarons are one of the most delicate desserts and to make GOOD macarons is practically an art. I do not like the sound of mass produced macarons. one of the reasons it's so special is that it's not available everywhere... i wouldn't want to see it at any joe-schmo store. i'll admit i'm a huge snob when it comes to these little delicate gems!

    this pic is making me really want to go to paris--pronto!

  2. You really are right KJ. There is no reason some things in life shouldn't remain just as they are ... and macarons are one of those things. There is just no way to mass produce them without them being soggy or chewy or flavorless, or just plain gross.

  3. you know, it's the little "claws" i look for when i buy macarons... only the very best have this feature and i swear it's not a macaron if it doesn't have the claws!!!!

    there's a reason they're widely available in paris: It should be left to the Parisians to make them!!!!!

  4. Oh, the little claws! I love that. Of course I know what you are talking about, though I never knew there was a precise term for it. See, this is precisely why this should be left to the French...where else on earth could detail like this be appreciated.