Angry Little Girls (or just KJ)

Can I feel sorry for myself today...(this whole week)? I love this comic strip from Lela Lee of Angry Little Girls! I'm obviously the little Korean girl on the left (who's named Kim, if you're not too familiar w. these characters).

How do I know when I'm stressed? I get a zit (or 2!) on my chin (sorry to be gross!), a never ending cold lingers on & on, I wake up in the middle of the night & can't fall back asleep....I keep worrying about anything & everything. There....I feel better just getting it out.

I'm so bummed about the beginning of a new semester, the new class I have to co- teach (that I don't want to teach), the fact that my dad's birthday is this coming Sunday and he's not here to share it w. us, that it's been 5 months and we still haven't received a referral. The last two are the real culprits probably. I so so wish my dad could be here. We're going down to Clearwater Beach this weekend so we can be near him and pay our respects. How bittersweet is that?

Thanks for letting me share... :)

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  1. Oh I am so sorry so much is coming up at the same time KJ. Man, and it is a lot of really heady stuff you are trying to deal with. I would say you have every right to be stressed. The beginning of the semester alone would do it to me. But all these other things...ugh. Too much.

    I am glad you are getting away and getting to head down to Clearwater. A long weekend in FLA will do you wonders and I think your dad would have liked that :)

    Love the cartoon!