Product love

Don't you love grabbing that shower when you have fab new products waiting for you. Neutrogena's Exfoliating body wash in 'energizing citrus' is the best! I love exfoliating body washes but they are always so harsh. This product is so perfect that I felt my skin improving the minute I started using it. I couldn't find a pic. but another new love is Ulta's body was in Coconut/Lime. This scent is so refreshing, it practially satisfies my thrist in addition to making me squeaky clean. (I love the old-fashioned style packaging too!)


  1. actually i think i'm loving your font color combo here as well!!! thanks for the tips.. and yes, it does help in the morning when you've got nifty products to try!

  2. Thanks for the compliment on my font color :) I am telling you KJ, this product (and the Ulta one) is awesome! You know, showers are nice...but the whole everyday routine can really get to be a drag. Geez, at this age how many do you figure we've taken...it must be in the millions. I always love new products that make it fun!