Holiday previews

I noticed that a few favorite sites are already previewing their holiday collection. OK who doesn't love that. Nearly 3 months in advance, you already know I love it! And not to leap frog right over Halloween and Thanksgiving (which I also love) but don't these item just get you in the mood. Adorable mitten gift tags from Kate's Paperie and...

...perfect gifts for the co-workers...Peanut-inspired cocoa packages from Fred Flare. LOVE!


  1. yeah, i've been getting the holiday previews too and i guess i'm happy about this...it is scary that sept. just passed me by though.... it's already halloween to me!

  2. I know you aren't super in to time flying these days. Me neither but boy when it comes to the holidays all bets are off for me. I don't know what the heck my problem is. Well, it's a lifelong love of the holidays that get me every year.

  3. I'm psyched on the peanuts hot chocolate, yummy!! I'm feeling the christmas spirit but it feels like there is a lot of pumpkin going around these days too, also yummy!!