So long awesome summer!

Summer '10 ... you were, in a word, the BEST. Let's recap...lots of fabulous home improvement got done. Trim on house...now gorgeous!

The warm temps. started early this year...in April really. Then, they were no where to be found (ugh..May...awful). But when July rolled around, the heat settled in and I loved every minute of every scorcher. Just look at Zeus...he'll tell you it was hot...darn hot!

Kiawah Island in August = Spectacular!!

The summer of '10 was my first in 3 years that was nothing short of wonderful. The weather was picture perfect, a lot was accomplished at the house and most importantly, I felt great! I can't remember when I've enjoyed a summer so much. From the World Cup to Silly Bandz and lots and lots of friends, it was all just great fun. Chris and I walked just about every where we could and I enjoyed the city in a way I never have but was hoping I always would when I moved into my house. So with the unofficial end of summer coming this weekend, I just want to say what a great one it's been.

I hope everyone has a healthy and happy long Labor Day weekend!



  1. Such a great post! It sounds like the perfect summer with lots of time outdoors. Your house and especially your flag are looking so beautiful, the trim is amazing! Can't wait to see it in person.:)

  2. Thanks Laura!! It really is a summer that I feel like I worked long and hard for...and it was great!

    Everyone us here has been asking when you will be making your visit...I can't waaaait!