Love of 'Living in'

Have you ever seen the brilliant 'Living in' posts of the equally brilliant blog Design*Sponge (just as an aside, this blog was one of my first introductions to the 'genre' and I'm not sure I could have picked a better one...creative, lovely and a true joy ... it is one of the reason I find probably 90% of my inspiration from blogs these days...but I digress...). If you haven't seen it, you must...it focuses in on all of the artistic and wardrobe elements of favorite films...a stupidly overlooked element of filmmaking, in my opinion. Frankly, wardrobe and art direction are half the reason I go to the movies. I'm begging you to check out the past 'Living in' posts and in the meantime, here are my top 3 favorite wardrobe/art films. The images were burned into my brain the minute I saw these films...no surprise, Sofia directs 2 of the 3...the odd one out, is an inspiration of hers :)

I wasn't the biggest fan of the script, but Marie Antoinette has the best costume and art direction of any film I have ever seen. Period. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Who amongst us didn't fall in head over heels for Scarlett Johanssen's effortless, easy, gloriously graceful style in Lost in Translation. No doubt a carbon copy of the queen of effortless style (and director) herself.

But in the end, my top honors have to go to the master himself. Wong Kar Wai's In the Moon for Love is the most highly stylized piece of film perfection. I remember every moment from when I first saw it. Brilliant script and performances, amazing soundtrack and those cheongsams. In a word...unforgettable.


  1. Marie Antoinette is hands down the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. I've been watching it a lot lately and keep picking up new things that I love. It is art on a screen, so beautiful! The costumes are amazing but the food and scenery are spectacular too. I love it!

  2. i have to ditto everything laura has said!!! and i've been re-watching sofia movies again lately...most recently i just saw lost in translation again....i am mesmerized by every single shot....
    she takes dreamy to a whole other level.