Perfect in every way

I have a total obsession with 'sweater coats'. I freely admit it. My obsession doesn't involve having too many...on the contrary, I don't even own one. That's why I'm obsessed. Because, since around 2003, I've been looking for the 'perfect' sweater coat...unfortunately, I just haven't been able to find one that lived up to that standard. I don't need to tell anyone this who hasn't tried to find one...they are too long, not long enough, to bulky, a weird color...and on and on. I have always thought J.Crew might save the day but sadly, their versions just haven't made the cut in quality, style or price (though the long Alpaca is pretty gorgeous). However, those of you who read this blog probably have already figured out that this tale of shopping woe has a happy ending. That's because I discovered the Patagonia Merino wool sweater coat. You know, I should just learn that when it comes to outdoor gear (especially of the winter variety) I need to stop playing around and go right to the source...and for items like this ... Patagonia, Mountain Hardware, North Face, LL Bean...they just know what they are doing. This sweater is super gorgeous. It has a slim fit and the softest wool you could ever imagine. It really doesn't even cost that much more that it's competition.

Highly recommended. Total love.


  1. This sweater is awesome, I need it!! Even though you can't see her face, I swear that's you in the picture, I did a double take!

  2. Gee, thanks Laura! I wish I looked like this model...but you know, this sweater could make anyone look great. It's gorgeous! Oh, Pata-gucci...you're just the best!