I think you know my well enough by now to know that I love love love lipsticks. And because I love them so much, I'm quite picky about which brands I buy. My favorites are usually by Nars. Francois Nars is a makeup genius and I think he really knows how to create color--in the right way. As much as I get a kick out of buying Chanel lipsticks, it's really more for the brand, not the actual product. But Nars has both. The quality is top notch and he never compromises on producing the best color palettes.

So this leads me to my newest purchase: Nars Funny Face lipstick. Can a lipstick make you happy? Answer: YES!

This fuchsia is not for the meek...I hear Funny Face was the color JCrew featured on their models during the pre-fall campaign (but I don't care too much about that)..... When I think of this lipstick I happen to think about the Amanda Peet spread from Domino a whiles back.... Do you recall the Funny Girl poster she had hanging in her daughter's room? That's exactly what I think of....and I love love that poster! It's just fun....

No need to intellectualize it, I guess..... I just love putting on this color. $24 can buy happiness!

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