You know what I did 15 years ago...

I moved to Rochester, NY...to get my masters degree in English Lit...Sept. of 1995
Rochester, you aren't really that bad. I didn't care for you much at first, but you've really grown on me...and you do have lovely lilacs.
And the Dryden Theatre is pretty amazing.
The winters are kind of a nightmare...but that's ok...I've always liked the snow and cold.
And of course, you have Wegmans. 

But none of that would matter if it weren't for this simple fact...if I had never moved to Rochester, I would not have met my 2 best friends in the world, KJ and Chris...who I was lucky enough to find, in the very same month of that very same year. I don't even want to imagine what life would be like without them. So for that fact alone...you are ok in my book Rochester :)

I heart you guys...always.


  1. wow! this totally slipped by me...15 yrs? that mean's i've known you for 15 yrs? amazing. and i'm sure rochester is so so much better now that kp has been there for 15 yrs!!!!

    love the print... it's too cute!

    happy anniversary, katie!

  2. It probably didn't hit you because you've moved on. It did hit me this morning...suddenly and out of no where. 15 years this very month. I have to say, 9/95 was a pretty great time.

    Happy anniversary to us!!

  3. yes, 95 was a very very good year.
    i've moved on..yes..but that year shaped a lot of things to come.....

  4. Such fabulous memories of that time...pivotal in so many ways.