Squeal for Glee

Yikes! I know I'm awfully slow on this one: I love Glee!

Where have I been? Well, you know how it goes...I usually don't like shows that have a lot of hype and have been talked about ad nauseam...but this one is really GOOD! I watched last night's episode by happenstance and you know, it really is funny---actually more witty than just plain funny. The dialogue is quite sharp and the characters (all of them!) are simply adorable. Plus, they featured Britney Spears last night so it was kind extra fun to watch....Another bonus was John Stamos ( I'll always adore him for his General Hospital role as Blackie!...Now who remembers that?).... I heard Gwyneth is planning on making an appearance in Nov. so I'll be sure to continue watching.

Tell me, do you watch Glee? Am I the only person on this planet who hadn't seen an episode?

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  1. I have yet to see an episode of 'Glee' though everyone on earth keeps telling me I should. It sounds kind of awesome. Isnt' this what DVR's are for :)