Lady G

Anyone out there NOT have an opinion on Lady Gaga? Well, first I didn't know who in the world she was or what she even did (showing my age much?) ... all I knew was that fantastic name. Now, I obviously know her very well and you know what...I think she's awesome. First of all, have you ever seen anyone so totally fearless when it comes to fashion (or costumes ... whatever it is that she's doing)?! I went from being a little scared of seeing her to actively searching her every move online. Oh, and tell me 'Bad Romance' isn't the song of the summer? Go ahead, I dare you :)

Well, if you are as fascinated by her as I've become, check out this amazing look-book I spotted on the the always informative blog, The Cut. Totally insane...and genius.


  1. first of all, that name is genius....and i think she's a very good contender to be the next madonna of her generation. (well, not as smart or as savvy as THE madonna...but close.)

  2. So agree on the label KJ, 'Madonna of her generation'. I think she is a very gifted artist. Take her fashion sense...I mean it can look like complete chaos to a passerby...but here is where her genius lies...there is complete order in that chaos. This is why she is the darling of the elite in the fashion industry and every 13 year-old around. And who know, maybe in 5 years, when she is mega-established, Anna Wintour will finally put her on the cover of Vogue. Heaven forbid she should take a 'chance' on her now.