Up next...Fall !!

I bet if you were to take a survey, fall would top the list of favorite seasons. Not hard at all to understand why...the heat of the summer is behind us and we have cool, crisp days with bright sunny skies and spectacular foliage to look forward too. I happen to love fall for all those reasons...but I also love the clothes (warm jackets, sweaters and turlenecks are my FAVE) and I love that we are headed into the final stretch, toward the holiday season (ok maybe I am jumping the gun a little...but you know me and the holidays). Fall begins around the middle of next week, so I though I'd wish you all a lovely beginning to the season. I hope you have something fabulous planned (I am doing a little outlet mall shopping myself )

Oh and isn't this 'Jackson Pollock Candied Apple' the best!! No really, that's what the recipe is called. So artisticly autumnal :)


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