While we are on the subject of breakfast...

In the previous post, I mentioned how much I adore breakfast in Paris...but you know, I love breakfast in Greece almost as much. Above is a shot Laura took from a past trip to Paris of our delicious breakfast ... this kept us going pretty much all day and was so fresh and yummy I can practically taste the coffee as I type...Mmmmm.

But the Greeks know food and while breakfast might not be the most important meal of the day to them, I LOVE the way they start the day. Delicious fruits of all kinds...

Yummy Greek cafe!


And the be all to end all...Greek yogurt with Greek honey and nuts.

This deliciousness is pretty hard to beat.


  1. you're killing me here...and i have to work late tonight!! ughh!!.... wish wish i could be in paris having a croissant a. cafe creme!

  2. SO unfair right. This is the time of year we are usually looking forward to a trip...aaah. I just can't even go there.

  3. You are killing me with this!! What a great post, breakfast is easily my favorite meal of the day, I can't wait to wake up sometimes just to have breakfast. That picture of the greek coffee and koulouri looks so yumms!!

  4. I have so become a breakfast person...not really a 'big' breakfast but more Greek style. Everything about breakfast is the best!