beehive, i love you so

Have I told you of my secret obsession with beehives? I love love big hair (perhaps I should have stayed in Dallas...I lived here briefly when we first arrived in the States). I probably love it so because I have fine hair and without a can of hairspray and the help of a hairstylist there is no freakin way I could ever achieve this on my own.
The only time I ever had this style was when I was visiting a salon NY...trying out hairstyles for my wedding day hair. The style I'd chosen was an updo, but the stylist first had to tease and get it all pouffy. Can I just say I had no idea my hair was capable of such texture or height??? I secretly did a happy dance in my head when I saw my bouffant.
Well, that day has long passed and I still dream of my bouff... I dream of wearing Dolce & Gabbana (circa 95), with kitten heels, and a big 'ol bouff on my head....along with cat's eye glasses to finish off the look!....A girl can dream!!
For pointers on achieving your inner beehive....go to NYTimes......


  1. KJ I love a beehive too, such a cool look, I bet your bouffant was awesome!! I have always even just loved the word bouffant, so cool!

  2. What is it about the bouffant that is so appealing?! I agree Laura, I even love the word. There is something so retro...yet so modern when updated. Love.