Leather bracelets everywhere!

Hi kids! I hope everyone had a lovely Labor day weekend! Mine was great. Not that you need to know but I slept like it was an Olympic sport, did a lot of cleaning and had great fun shopping. I'm always trying to spend less but I did allow myself a few purchases on the 'last' weekend of summer. My fave would have to be the studded leather bracelet I got at J.Crew. LOVE! The one I got is in the second picture (in eggplant color!!) and I cannot tell you how crazy about it I am. I have always always loved this look and it is finally now in style! Of course when something is in style you have loads of choices and boy are there are lot when it comes to this bracelet. Especially at J.Crew. I stood in line with both these bracelets, trying desperately to choose which one I wanted. I have no doubt however that I will eventually get the one on top. It's so cool! They had others too that were gorgeous...so if you are into this look, now's your chance to get in on it!


  1. I love both of these bracelets!! What a tough choice, my eye was just drawn to the one you ended up purchasing, I want it too!! I have to hit the jcrew in shadyside, can't wait!!

  2. Oh my god Laura...all I do is think of leather bracelets now. I am officially obsessed with this look. I want them all!