John Derian arrives!

Just in time for Labor day shoppers like me (!) the new John Derian line at Target arrived and it is as wonderful as I expected. My purchases included a couple of tumblers ( I got one with the butterfly design as pictured above and a dragonfly...beautiful!) I also go this fantastic set of silhouette coasters. I've been looking for some like this forever!


  1. you will not believe this but i haven't been able to find the stuff!! i've been to three diff. targets (including one in florida) and none have the stuff out.

    there is one location that would definitely have it but i just haven't been able to get there this week..... i really need to get myself there because i'm aching for this stuff!

  2. I was in Target earlier this week and did not see this line yet, I can't wait!! I still managed to spend way too much though, that store!!! I can't go back for at least one more week.:)

  3. So neither of you guys have spotted the JD merchandise yet. Well, we didn't have tons but there was enough to make me very happy. I think you will both love it when it arrives!