Bows everywhere

Over the weekend, I met my friends K & D, at the Coach store at Eastview Mall. K had just gotten the most awesomes 'gift' via Coach (I'll spare you details...all you need to know is that Coach has the best customer service EVER). Anyway, while I was there helping decide on a fabulous new bag, I saw this adorable New Poppy bow ring (Please check the link...couldn't find a 'postable' image and it is so cute!!!). Anyway, I was thinking how much I love all this 'bow' inspired jewelry. I think we might have the ever amazing Kate Spade to thank for this...and while I was poking around the blogs this morning, I noticed this post on You are my fave...tell me this bow tie bracelet from Three Horses isn't simply gorgeous.

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  1. This bracelet is beautiful! What a nice touch to an outfit. I'm obsessed with that coach poppy bow ring though, so awesome, I seriously want it. I love Kate Spade bags period but her bow inspired bags are over the top awesome!!