Olivia crush

I love Olivia....I'd seen her around before, but I didn't really pay her too much attention. Where have I been?

First off....cute name.
Second, she's a piggie (I love piggies!)
Third, she's the most chic pig (well, Miss Piggy is a very close second). What I love most is Olivia's color scheme: Black, White...Red.
I was flipping channels the other day and ran into her NickJr. show..... So adorable. This post probably belongs in my baby blog, but I just wanted to share this because she really has a keen sense of style--for a pig. :)


  1. I love this post! Who doesn't love a stylish pig.:)

  2. When I was working in B&N I became totally addicted to Olivia. Every time a new book showed up or even better...a plush toy Olivia...well I just swooned. Laura and KJ are right...such a smashing pig.