Happy Chuseok to KJ and family!!

I loved your post KJ on 'Bambino' about your culture and on feeling closer to it these days. So interesting and I so know what you mean. Most of my life I have had a love/hate relationship (well maybe not hate :) with my 'Greek-ness'. There are many times when I  fully identify with the Greek culture and treasure everything that it has brought to me...and others, well, when the culture and the parts of it so embedded in my personality, completely confound me. And maybe, that's what I ultimately love so much. That feeling of being part of something...something bigger that me. 

As you and your family gather to celebrate Chuseok tonight (I think tonight...) know how lucky you are to be a part of something so lovely , that brings such richness to you life.



  1. thanks so much, katie!!! it was a lovely evening...although it felt more like summer than fall... :)

  2. That's awesome KJ! I am glad you guys have a wonderful holiday...wish I could have crashed the party :)

    Yeah, and what is up with the weather. It's going to be 90 up here today.