It really is a wonderful as the build up

I had such fun at the Waterloo Outlet mall this past Saturday. After hitting the gym in the morning, I (cleaned up) then headed over to Starbucks for a delicious Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte and began my trek east. KJ was 100% right...if you are interested in the classic Bass penny loafers, get them at the outlet mall! I paid $36 for a $90 item! Love! I am wearing them today...see my penny loafer feet up there :) J.Crew was pretty disapointing (though I did get a pretty tissue turtleneck...I lived in these last fall). I really had great luck at the Nike outlet store too. I needed some new items for the gym and found some pretty great shorts and track pants.

To top it all off...my Kate Spade pen necklace arrived in the mail yesterday. OK, this pic. isn't so spectacular but I just had to snap a shot of me in it as soon as I got home. It's just as gorgeous as I imagined. Don't you love when something lives up to all the hype! Thanks again Laura!!


  1. did you get the black too? don't you love them? i still haven't worn mine outside yet.. don't know what i'm waiting for ( i do that sometimes...just sit on something for ages and then start wearing it). Anyway, love your shopping weekend.

    sorry about the no posts... i'm still feeling really crappy. i am loving your posts though!

  2. Oh poor KJ!! Feel better and I hope I can keep you a little entertained. I have missed you and still have so many of your awesome posts to comment on.

    Anyway, that is SO funny that you mentioned you haven't worn your loafers outside. Geez, I really had to talk myself into it this morning..not because I don't love them (I adore them!!) but I think I didn't want to ruin them.I am seriously going back an getting another pair. I did get the black...that burgundy was hard to pass up though :)

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