Here to stay (aka 'time to move on from this discussion')

It always makes me chuckle a bit when people debate the 'undebatable'. This all started with a pretty funny virtual discussion I followed a few weeks ago about argyle and Mary Janes. Here's the thing...you don't have to like argyle patterns or Mary Jane shoes but you do have to know one thing...they are classics. They have been around forever and will continue to be around long after we're all gone. I wore argyle and Mary Janes as a little kid, as a teenager, in college and I still wear them, in their various forms today. That's because they are classics. They barely ever go out of style. In other words, I don't want to debate their validity anymore. If you don't like them ... fine. Just know that you are never going to rid the world of these items so you better learn to love them or at least get used to them.

Oh and to those of you who dislike Uggs and skinny jeans...it's time to move on from that discussion too. They are now like penny loafers and boyfriend jeans...classics.

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