The Classics - Why they only get better

Interesting article in Forbes on the 'world's most enduring brands' . So easy to see why these 5 made the list. One of my ambitions...to own at least one piece from each of these luxurious and beautiful brands.


  1. love this post! you know, i've always wanted ferragamo shoes....and a pair of persols!

    i always saw ferragamo flats as THE shoes to get....right up there w. THE chanel purse and THE burberry trench.

    i already know I won't be able to afford the birkin or kelly in my lifetime (although one can dream!)...so i'll just go for all the freebie boxes i can get whenever i buy a scarf!

    thanks for the fun post!

  2. I am so with you KJ. I am not too particular on which items I want from each of this rare and precious brands...I just want something...and a box will do very nicely thank you :)

    At this point I am just missing the Farragamo's and the Persols...and a bunch of money in my bank account :)