Why is everything little, so cute?

I am 100% smitten with Sharon Montrose's Animal Print Shop. I spotted this tip on A Cup of Jo and I've been completely in love since. The larger pieces can be kind of pricey but the smaller prints are super reasonable and really, the beautiful shots of baby animals are kind amazing. (Oh and for a chuckle, check out the Cockatoo print...this bird is a total wise guy :)


  1. you know, i saw this on Joanna's blog too and really liked the print.... I am so getting the bunny print...! thanks for reminding me... I think the bunny print will go in the baby's room!


  2. Perfect for a babies room. That little bunny booty is killing me!

  3. yes! the bunny's backside is quite irresistible! the bunnies, basset hound, and squirrel top my list at the moment.... so so adorable!