stars & ads....

Notice the famous actress on the Schweppes ad? I found Ms. Kidman in Brussels....
One of the most interesting things about traveling abroad is looking at all the billboards!
This is truly how one can get to know another culture...You learn SO much...

See the Tommy Lee Jones Boss canned coffee ad up there? We saw him plastered everywhere while we were in Tokyo....and I swear I couldn't wait to try one (they're actually pretty good!...try it the next time you're in an Asian store!).

I'm a huge sucker for good ads!


  1. Isn't this phenom. so "Lost in Translation"? I totally love it and seeing celebrities out of context.

    You are so right about billboards in other countries. They are completely fascinating. I still remember on from years ago when I was with by family in Greece. It didn't involve any celebrities but it certainly did drive home the point that Europeans are really working on a different set of ideas. So the billboard was of a shot of a woman's cleavage (squeezed into a yellow bikini)...tucked in the cleavage...a pack of cigarettes. Can you EVER imagine seeing that in the US? It was hilarious (in a good and terrible kind of way :)

  2. oh! i can so see this ad! so funny!!! and yes, so european...because americans would be up in arms over such a sexist ad...whereas the euros think no biggie deal! just some boobs w/ ciggies in the middle! :)

  3. Seriously KJ, that billboard was 'wrong' on about 5 different levels...if you apply US standards. I guess I know its all wrong...but it still makes me laugh to this day.

    I knew you would appreciate it KJ...