eat pray love

The only reason I want to see Eat Pray Love is for the gorgeous scenery that is sure to be plentiful...I haven't even read the memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, although I did pick up a very discounted copy while at the ALA Conference a few months back.....I'm not a huge Julia Roberts fan, but I do like Javier Bardem.....so I'm willing to fork out the $12 for the movie ticket.

Do you plan on seeing this movie?

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  1. I am thinking of seeing this film when it hits the dollar theater (in a few weeks). Someone gave me the book when I was out on leave and I've read bits and pieces. I think I got a little turned off because it just seemed like another 'Under the Tuscan Sun'...you know...middle age woman travel and finds herself. And Julia Roberts...well you know how I feel. I find her terminally boring.

    But the setting will be well worth that dollar.