Hi Monday - LCM (well, sort of)

Welcome back to the work week everyone! I spent Thursday and Friday of last week at a conference so I haven't been checking in at Ooh La La Du Jour...and how I've missed you !! The workshop was terrific (met bunches of nice librarians from Cornell, Rice and Brandeis, to name a few) and learned a lot about conducting anthropological research on the work and study habit of undergrads (the U of R is super into this). Anyway, I have skads of awesome KJ posts to catch up with and while we are on the subject I wanted to post a pic of all the fabulous items I received in the highlight of the week...my KJ package!! This one was filled with goodies from her various trips and I am still having all sorts of fun finding the perfect spot for many of these items. I actually did buy a cool yellow frame and now the postcard portrait of Anna W. is on my desk at home. The delicious chocolates are long gone (delicious!) and I just had a cup of the tea (from Korea..I believe) last night! Aaaah...nothing beats a KJ package.

Anyway, I've got to catch up on all these awesome posts and do a few of my own (oh, and get some work in to :)

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  1. I love your package!! So awesome! Love it when KJ travels, she has the best stories and always visits the greatest places, she really makes the most of all her trips.