Elaine & her Botticellis......

You have to go over to the NYTimes and read the fashion piece on Elaine Benes. I love it---Elaine's fashion is in vogue!

You know, this Elaine is the Elaine I love most...Not the straight-hair-b*tchy-Elaine, but the cutesy Elaine from Towson, MD. She always did have a unique fashion sense...even for the 90s....Remember that blue/brown backpack?

Long live Seinfeld!

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  1. This article is just the BEST!! The wardrobe on Seinfeld is SUCH and interesting subject because as I watched it then, it never even occurred to me that they might have a wardrobe person (with the exception of Kramer...his clothes always were kind of a topic of discussion and today, they kind of hold up). The wardrobe always seemed like such an afterthought. Elaine's outfits were so ... Elaine however, that I know understand the rationale behind them. And while it would never occur to me to dress like her (still doens't) there are parts of her wardrobe (like the beloved Botecellis and the backpack) that seem iconic to me now.

    Great post!