Librarian Chic...Tuesday

In anticipation of Fall, the school year, and whatever else you want to celebrate this month.....let's all give a round of applause to the Bass Weejuns....I bought a pair this past weekend and boy was I happy to relive my childhood again! This time around I went w. black, instead of the classic burgundy....and I have to say I think I am going to love the first day of school again (for our Univ. it starts on Aug. 30th). I've even added a British penny to make them even cooler! (yes, I am a dork!)
**PS: Get them at the Bass Outlets and the shoes were 60% off list price....Quite a sweet bargain.

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  1. Thanks so much for the tip on the outlet! Man 60% is pretty hard to resist. I was planning on getting the Sebago version but again, 60%...outlet here I come. Oh and by the way, these are smashing!!