out of sorts...

Hi all! Sorry I've been M.I.A.....I've been trying to get in the swing of things, plus taking care of some personal things that have come up....I think I'm just plain tired. This work week feels like it's been the longest ever---and it's only Thursday! I can only pray today flies by....

Man, this Fifi Lapin is killing me.... Why can't I look this good when I travel? Can we talk about an issue that has been nagging at me ever since my trip???!!!
Why can't I pack a decent set of travel clothes??? You'd think by now I would have (somewhat) perfected the perfect suitcase full of clothing...but NO!!! This was surely not the case w/ trip to London. I cannot tell you how incredibly peeved I was throughout the whole darn time.

So I think I've got the actual-travel-day/on-the-airplane clothes down pat! I know I should wear something comfortable yet presentable. Check! ....I did one thing right!

BUT when it came to all the rest of the days... well, I think I may have had 2-3 outfits that I actually found presentable. I always feel I pack colors that would work w/ all the other pieces.... This time I did a navy, black, grey, khakis and you'd think there would be no problem w. those colors blending together..... But alas! I did find problems... Maybe I just get sick of seeing the same clothes...It's not like when you're home and you have a whole closet full of things to choose from, which in some cases turn out to be a problem as well. But back to my current problem.

The biggest problems lie w/ the shoes. OK....If someone can invent a chic pair of comfortable ( I mean shoes you can wear for 12 hours-kind-of-comfort!) I'll gladly pay a million dollars for them. All the flats I thought were comfortable didn't make the cut when I was putting in 12-13 hour days of sightseeing. Thank god for my Havaianas because I'd have to break those out by the end of the day because my feet were burning.

Anyway, I feel traumatized by the whole travel wardrobe... Does anyone else get what I'm talking about here???


  1. Hey KJ!! I am sorry to hear you have been a bit down (your posts would never lead me to believe you were anything but your perfect self :) It is SOOO funny you mention how long this week has been. Dear Lord...I am pretty sure it is never going to end! I cannot believe you are having the same sort of week. Geez...I think for me it is the realization that school is beginning in a few weeks and there is still so much to do before the students arrive.

    Anyway, onto you travel/packing woes. First, of all, it's a little hard for me to believe that you aren't a perfect packer ... 'cause I know you but if you say you got annoyed with your 'packings' on this trip, I will totally trust you and try to address the subject. OK, here's the thing...I am no one to give advice because I stink at it. I have a whole other host of psychological problems when it comes to packing for travel because for something, I believe I should not bring my most favorite things (kind of for a reason that you mentioned actually...that is that I get so sock of looking at some pieces after a trip and I would hate to have that happen to a favorite item). OK but the problem with that is, imagine bringing a bunch of stuff you are not super excited about...and then having to deal with them for a week or 2? It sucks. Now I make sure I bring at least one thing I love...which has helped a bit. I also tend to be an under-packer so I can really get myself into trouble if the weather isn't what I expect it to be.

    As for the situation...well, I am still waiting for that pair that doesn't fail me after 8-10 hours day. It seems that unless you haul out some pair of athletic shoes, your feet are always going to suffer.

    So basically I am with you on all counts :)

  2. my mom is a total under-packer! even in winter, when she & my dad used to come visit me she'd forget to bring any sweaters or even a coat sometimes. i used to marvel at that! i myself am probably an over-packer (is that a word?)....or i just pack all the wrong things.

    I love the idea that you don't bring your favorite items---that's a brilliant way of looking at things. and i can totally see where you're coming from.

    i, on the other hand, feel i should bring all my favorites and a lot of times new things i've bought especially for the trip. i really think it's the shoes that make/break everything. i hate that it comes down to this one thing. i did bring my Simple tennies but these don't look w. all the outfits... and i kind of refuse to wear real athletic shoes when i'm traveling.
    unless i'm on a hiking vacation, i just can't do it.

    so as i prepare for my (hopefully!) near future trip back to korea, i hope i can remember all the things that peeved me about this most recent trip.

    also, i think i prefer traveling in winter. very strange, isn't it???? but i like wearing a coat around. Summer is kind of hard to dress for, if you know what i mean. sometimes you need to make more of an effort when traveling around cities in the summer. in winter, i know i can basically wear whatever turtleneck w. jeans or khakis and then a trusty coat. the shoes are easier too. summer shoes are just not compatible w. traveling!


  3. You know, you have a really good point about summer travel. While it should be easier, it seldom is.And it may all be in the shoes. The thing is unless you are wearing Keens, summer shoes are just not that comfortable. Also, I admire, commend and totally agree with your decision not to wear sneakers et al while you travel. I think Simples, Jack Purcells etc. are fine but I do know that they don't work with everything.

    And I am completely of the mindset that khakis and turtlenecks are the perfect travel combo. Take that out of my travel life and I am lost.

    Seriously, KJ, it's a really tough thing to have down. You are really not alone. At least you are thinking about it. I don't have to remind you of all the folks who get on a plane these day in their pj's.