Hermes Pour Liberty of London

How iconic is the Liberty of London storefront on Regent St.? I love love this store...Loved it so much I went back twice.....One of the reasons was this fabby scarf on the left. Hermes collaborated w. Liberty on an exclusive scarf print and Voila!....Pure Heaven! Dare I admit I loved getting the orange Hermes box just as much as the scarf itself? I was bold (or dorky...depending on how you look at it) enough to ask the sales woman for another box....and she said, "Of course!".....I'm sure you can imagine the big grin on my face after that transaction. :) I am such a sucker for nice boxes!


  1. Oh wow!! I don't even know where to begin with this fabulous post! Let's start with the box...KJ you are my hero for asking (and receiving) a second box! Covet it because I don't need to tell you that they are almost as iconic as the scarves themselves!. Second...the scarf...so so gorgeous. Such scarf envy going on here! And oh that store front...kind of like walking through the gates of shopping heaven :)

  2. i knew you'd understand about the box. i really really love this box. i think i love it more than the scarf. how sad, right?

    do you remember a spread in Domino from yrs ago of a woman who had registered at Hermes and she had a ton of stacked hermes boxes in her office? i loved that photo! i aspire to live up to that photo! (well, i'll just dream)