The genius of marketing

There was an article in the WSJ yesterday titled, 'A Season (or 13) of shopping' which, rather brilliantly examines how the retail industry has basically created a reason to shop, no matter the time of year. Focusing in on what makes various parts of the year unique (January=organization and storage, Late January/February=Superbowl, September=back to school/college etc.) retailers are figuring out ways to capitalize on our willingness to shop both impulsively and seasonally. For those items which, as the article says are 'neither impulsive nor seasonal' (like Kleenex tissues...pictured above), manufacturers are finding ways to tweak the items, giving them more of the seasonal edge. Ooh La La Du Jour readers have seen these tissue boxes before (you remember, the fruit slices last summer and the cake slices during the holidays). I am such a fan of these boxes because they take an item I must have in my home and make them tolerable (actually, delightful) to look at. The genius is the summer twist...since no one really buys tissues in the summer anyway, these designs just made me realize I am without totally knowing why.

And as with ads, I love a brilliant design and marketing campaign at least as much as I love a brilliant product :)

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