Backpack to School

Backpacks are a tricky thing. They're so rarely done well and they can look so, so wrong on anyone who looks older than college-age. Julie Rath comes to the rescue, again, with this awesome blog post. KatieP, maybe you can pass this along to some of your new students? It's never too early to look fabulous!

~JP Pullos


  1. Well JP, you know I LOVE a good backpack (even though I completely agree with you and this blog post...they are really hard to do well). These backpacks in this post are 100% gorgeous! My thing with backpacks is I really think, even for adults, they have a time and place. For instance, they are awesome for travel. You never appreciate that free hand more than when you are traveling. And whether it's schleping around an airport or hitting the street of your favorite city, backpacks are the way to go. These choices allow you do it in style :) Love !

  2. I couldn't agree more. I also love me a good messenger bag when I'm traveling. A small one that you can throw your guide book into is invaluable!