Refinery 29's 'Wrist Wars'

Apparently, Refinery 29 has the same obsession I have...that is, well-dressed wrists. Since I can remember (seriously...I am talking about when I was kid) I have always thought the single coolest look was a wrist full of fantastic bracelets et al (secretly, I have been completely bummed that the Silly-Bandz craze is over :) Anyway, Refinery 29 has a fantastic post about their own wrist-fetish and some people in the industry who appear to masters at the look.
Love this look even more when a gorgeous watch is part of the mix.
This is me today! My own interpretation of the look...much more parred down and far less spectacular than the examples above but still sporting the look that says so much about you :)


  1. Watch and bracelet combo - love it!! Love your pairing!!

  2. Thanks JP! Actually both items are from my beloved mom. The bracelet is a necklace (that really looks great as a necklace too) :)