And while we are on the subject...

...we might as well go all the way on the subject of fall...'cause guess what, it's around the corner folks. Thinking about doing the wardrobe switch is always a little intimidating for me, especially when we move from summer to fall. I love love LOVE fall and winter clothes but they are so much more expensive than summer things and I never know where on earth I am going to get the budget to add new things (which, of course, I really want to do :) I'm thinking Lands End Canvas might be the only place I need to got for all my fall needs. Just look at these gorgeous items...only a few of the things I am currently coveting. This button-side crew...adorable.
Fleece toggle jacket...love!
Scarves...can you really ever have enough?
And so many gorgeous stripped sweaters to choose from!
Here's another!

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