so...super...stylin :)  Via All Things Stylish


  1. You're such a trend-spotter! The bracelets combined with the watch look is going to take off and I'll know who spotted it first! All of your posts today were really great! LOVED all of them!!

  2. Love you JP!! And thank you so much! Such a hefty and massive compliment coming from you. Ditto on liking my posts :)

    As for the watch/bracelet combo., let me just say this...I don't know if I am a trend spotter or if I have been more aware of it since it is a look I have loved (and worn) FOREVER!! I mean, I can't remember a time I wasn't wearing it. I think I am so super excited that it finally seems to be the 'in' thing that I just keep posting about it. In fact, the bracelets and bangles out right now are so fantastic I was going to do a post about them today!!

    Love you JP!!