Yay Joe...it's your birthday!

Happiest of birthday's to my awesome brother-in-law. Yay!! Did you know Joe is almost exactly 10 years younger than me? That means he was born in 1977...a pretty darn fine year. Want to know what was happening when you were born Joe? Well, here's just a few of the cool things:

Apple Computers, Inc. was incorporated and the first Apple computer goes on sale - Could it be just a coincidence that Joe (aka computer whiz) was born the same year as this monumental event? I think not ;)

Star Wars opened in theaters on May 25 - Again, coincidence that Joe (a devout sci-fi guy) was born just a short time after this blockbuster to end all blockbusters was released? Hmmm. 

Joe is an athletic guy and he's in good company 'cause Tom Brady, the insanely talented, 3-time Superbowl winning quarterback of the New England Patriots was born on this day also. 

And course...the statistics...a gallon of gas, 65 cents...a new home, $49,000...a BMW 320i...8 grande.

Aaaahh...those were the days :)  Happy birthday Joe!!!

*And don't forget to put your vinyl copy of the soundtrack Saturday Night Fever on the turntable to celebrate this big day. This classic Bee Gees album was also released in 1977 :)


  1. Aww! Look how cute he is in that picture! Great post Kate! I had no idea that all those fabulous things happened in the year of Joey, how awesome!! Super love this post:-)

  2. Hooray for Joe!! Such a great year...such a great time...and such an awesome guy :)

  3. *It's Martha Stewart's birthday too...she's 70!

  4. you're SO the librarian!!! :) loved all the factoids...and hope Joe had a wonderful birthday!