Go to this website and click on 'Design a 3D room.' Then take a turn at being an interior designer. Particularly useful if, like me, you spend hours thinking about how you'd love to redesign your entire apartment if only you had the time, money, energy, etc. mydeco.com will provide quite the vicarious thrill until you can get around to actually redecorating. Love it!

~JP Pullos


  1. This is more fun than anyone should ever be able to have online. So cool JP!! And I so totally hear you on the lack of, well, money in particular, that allows one to do all the decorating and redecorating they want. Geez. Home ownership is truly the greatest and the most frustrating thing in the world. Every time you get something done, there are 5 more things that need to get done. Oh well, thank heavens for iDecorator...to keep the inspiration going :)