McQueen at the Met

Interesting that KatieP just posted about Kate Moss wearing Alexander McQueen. The show of his clothes has absolutely taken NYC by storm. Almost 700,000 people have waited in long lines to see it during the three months it was up. It is now the eigth highest attended show at the Met. Among the first seven, to give you an idea, is a visit by the Mona Lisa herself. I did not get to see the show and so I was really quite thrilled to see that the Met has wonderful video footage of the exhibit and many images of the outfits on their website. You can see all of that here.

You can say many things, pro or con, about Alexander McQueen's achievements but it would be hard to disagree that he had a singular vision and he communicated that vision without restraint. I think his clothes were absolutely breathtaking.

~JP Pullos

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  1. First things first...100% agreed JP. Alexander McQueen was a design genius and to argue anything less seems short-sighted and shows a complete lack of vision.

    All that said, it looks as though you and I are not alone. 700K people is insane!! And I could not love it more. His clothes deserve that kind of audience because he was a designer unlike any other for so many reasons.
    Great post!