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A Paper Calendar? It's 2011

Great new Moleskine Daily Planner Box set


 ...when it comes to daily planners...I've had a daily planner in one form or another ever since I went to college (a long time ago!)....My favorites over the years have been the Filofax, Kate Spade, and Moleskine versions....with Moleskine winning out over the last few years (along with some Shinzi Katoh pocket calendars).  You see, I love my paper calendars/date books so much I usually have at least 2 at the same time.  I know, it's not very practical and it can get bulky and confusing to have so many of these around, but I love them and I love filling in my notes/reminders in these books....

I was just in the campus bookstore this morning and noticed some cool new Moleskine organizers for the upcoming academic year...And then I found a great article from the NYTimes about paper calendars.... What perfect timing, don't you think?  

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  1. Such a great post...and you know, I think there will always be a place in our lives for paper organizers. And I'm not just saying that because I love Moleskines so much. To be honest, now that I have an iPhone, I really use it the most for organization...but there are times when it just doesn't cut it. And organizers can just be so gorgeous. Stay old school if it work and if it's efficient!