Be Inthavong

Could this handbag be any more gorgeous? I don't think so. Designer Be Inthavong created this sophisticated, elegant, and oh-so-eye-catching carry-all and is selling it for a mere $1,850. (A guy can dream, right?) Now you may be thinking, why does this bag cost so much? It turns out that an entire month of work went into creating each bag. Inthavong's grandmother was a silkweaver in Laos and Inthavong has found a way of marrying old weaving technique with cutting edge fashion. Old and new. Classic and of-the-moment. The result: beautifully stunning.

~JP Pullos

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  1. Holy moly JP. This bag is amazing. Have you seen one up close and personal? Absolutely beautiful. And I'm so glad you mentioned the story behind the price tag. I get kind of tired of people not understanding why luxury items are often so expensive. Sure, there is the name but there is usually so much more. One of the first posts I ever did for Ooh La La Du Jour was about the process of making an Hermes scarf...which can be up to 2 years!! From design to raising the worms that produce the silk to weaving...these items do not happen overnight. And while it kind of stinks that we all can't own them, we must appreciate the craft behind them.