Let the games (and the arrival of the Freshman) begin!

Oh boy...here we go, one of my favorite weeks on campus of the entire year. Orientation week officially starts today and it all begins with the so-called 'freshman move-in day' (did they have that when you first came to campus JP?) It's quite the occasion these days and I have to admit, I may be looking for reasons to get excited, but it is exciting! Tomorrow is also the start of our 2 day used book sale which is always super popular (and run by my dear friend Eileen :)
Rush Rhees Library...getting ready for the onslaught and the 2011-12 academic year.
Orientation staff...eagerly awaiting those first freshman in front of the 'Sue B.' dorm.
And for those of us in the library...getting ready for lots of new faces, hiring student staff...just remember the sentiment above :-)

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