Ooh La La...earthquake!

Uh...holy heck. The question you've heard at least once today...did you feel that? I dismissed it as more disruption from all the construction we've had all summer...but when I got a text from Laura just a few seconds later (in Pittsburgh) that she'd felt a doozy of an earthquake, well, I  knew it was no joke.

KJ is in the thick of the storm but all appears to be well. Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and sound...and not totally freaked out.

Just a little too much excitement for me on this late summer day :)


  1. I can't believe you felt it all the way up there! It was crazy pants! There are so many people on the east coast who've never felt an earthquake so everyone was freaking out. I grew up in Cali, as you know, so it brought back memories! (o:

  2. I know you are a Cali boy so this must have left you totally unfazed. All we got up here was a mild nudge but we still felt it. Do you ever get used to it JP? It's just such a weird feeling.